Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tattoo Diaries Entry #2: Phillip

1.When did you get your tattoo?
In 1996 I was in 11th grade.

2.Where (location/city) did you get your tattoo?
I got it at Ink Slingers in Durham off of Avondale dr

3.Was anyone with you?

My dad came and signed for it and left.

4.What was the occasion?

It was my seventeenth birthday and I got it and went back to school.

5.How long did it take?

About an HR

6.Did it turn out the way you wanted it?


7.Did it hurt?
The outline did being it was my first tat

8.What does the tattoo symbolize?

Many things I've always loved bulldogs since i was a kid, at the time I thought I was going to A&T and I knew I wanted to be a QUE !!

9.How many do you have in all?

10.Do you want more tattoos?


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